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have y’all watched beyoncé’s lemonade visual album yet? i bought the album on itunes, and it comes with the hour-long video, so of course i had to see what all the fuss is about. visually, lemonade is really stunning and very thought-provoking. it’s a combination of songs from the album and some spoken word – some badass spoken word in which, i’m sure you’ve heard – she calls out her husband for cheatin’ with ‘becky with the good hair’. it’s quite revealing and ultimately, i guess it’s a story of making lemonade from lemons, so to speak. but honestly, i can’t really tell if it’s the most genius marketing plan ever, or if bey really is calling out jay z for cheating on her. i mean, he had to know she was creating this epic piece of music and film and how would one keep its contents a secret? it’s all up for speculation, but i guess that’s the point, right? what are your thoughts? did they plan it together, or did she spring this personal journey of betrayal, revenge and eventually reconciliation and redemption on mr. carter? and now, they say Jay Z is recording a new album of his own ‘to tell his side of things’ after Beyoncé addressed infidelity rumors with lemonade. huh – sounds like marketing to me, but you can watch the trailer, right here – and then do tell – what do you think about all this?




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