grown up art. / sfgirlbybay


domino magazine’s office, via a beautiful mess.


at one point in my life, i had a pretty large collection of artwork, but much of it was reproductions or mass-produced prints found on Etsy, but now that i’ve gotten a lot older i’d like a more ‘grown up’ art gallery. not that some of that art cannot be found on etsy, or ebay, or a lot of online galleries – because it most definitely can be (check my resources page for ‘cool art you can afford’). it’s just that the artwork i had was very young, and kind of uncurated – a very colorful mix of art that didn’t necessarily compliment each other. as i mature (ahem, me? mature?) i’d like to have a collection that i’ve given a bit more thought to and means something significant to me personally. these homes seem to have that je ne sais quoi – undefinable, but distinctly more grown-up.


framed art above sofa inside the apartment by line / sfgirlbybay


the apartment by the line (above + below).


bedroom artwork inside the apartment by line / sfgirlbybay


children's portraits blown up in large format prints via olsson & jensenelle decoration.mokkasin. / sfgirlbybay


children’s portraits blown up in large format prints, via olsson & jensenelle decoration.mokkasin.


homes with framed art collections on display / sfgirlbybay


clockwise, l to r: lonny; you’re welcome savannah; another ballroom; pot & van der velden; light locations; and triple-d.


portrait wall above low sofa via olsson & jensenelle decoration. / sfgirlbybay


olsson & jensenelle decoration.


framed art on shelves via elle decoration. / sfgirlbybay


elle decoration.


oversized black and white photograph and stacked books / sfgirlbybay


the design files.


productz head office, by toby scott photography. / sfgirlbybay


productz head office, by toby scott photography.


framed sketches and books via rue magazine. / sfgirlbybay


rue magazine.