pink floatation device in swimming pool / @sfgirlbybay


lovely indeed.


i always remember that being a popular subject of classroom conversation as a kid: “what did you do over easter break?” when i was younger my parents would take up to the Tropics lodge or the Gene Autry melody ranch (which is now the Parker) in palm springs. we could usually bring a best friend and then we’d swim to our heart’s desire – until our fingers turned to prunes and my hair turned a lovely shade of aqua green. i love swimming and can never get enough of it. so — what did you do over easter break?


painting of woman diving into a swimming pool / @sfgirlbybay


caitlyn murphy.


swimming pool collage / @sfgirlbybay


Loretta Ayeroff, Pool with Silver Hand Rail and Cactus, 1981 Collection Palm Springs Art Museum; kinfolk’s guide to flipping; salva lópez.


swimming pool on the beach / @sfgirlbybay


pinecone camp.


shout studio swimming pool painting / @sfgirlbybay


Alessandro Gottardo aka shout studio.


swimmers floating by salva lópez. / @sfgirlbybay


salva lópez.


artwork of people swimming in a pool / @sfgirlbybay


charlotte trounce.


mid-century modern poolside scene / @sfgirlbybay



samantha french.


photograph of model wearing a pink sweater in a swimming pool / @sfgirlbybay


Viviane Sassen for Double magazine.


swimmers in swim caps by maria svarbova. / @sfgirlbybay


maria svarbova.


swimmers at the pool by snaptorium via miss moss. / sfgirlbybay


snaptorium via miss moss.