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St. Barts is a unique island where everything is small, quaint, and aesthetically pleasing. Think no traffic lights, big hotels, or cruise ships, which is something quite unique in the Caribbean. just the perfect spot to create a dream getaway, which is exactly what kate holstein and her husband matt have done with villa palmier. kate sent me an invite to share her beautiful photographs of their home with you and all i could think of was, “when do i hop the next plane?”. the couple wanted their house to reflect the quaint and peaceful charm of the island and they certainly have — St. Barts is a French island, which means the most exquisite pastries and culinary delights are available beachside. Rosé flows like water and lunches drag on until the sun sets. The pace of life is incredibly relaxing, and you need little more than a sun hat, swimsuit, and a great book. where do i sign up? well, actually right here — villa palmier is actually available for holiday rentals!


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villa palmier is a two bedroom, two bathroom villa located in the neighborhood of Anse Des Cayes on the island of Saint Barthelemy in the Caribbean. their beach home features indoor-outdoor living, a large pool, a private outdoor shower, beautiful ocean views, ipe decks and the sound of the waves from every room. It’s decorated in a modern organic style with a neutral color pallet to invoke a sense of serenity. Personal touches and attention to detail are found throughout the house with the softest linens, beautiful art, and found objects. The spacious open-air kitchen features a lacanche range, perfect for cooking fresh fish from the local fish market. sounds idyllic, doesn’t it?


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The small size was one of the things that attracted kate and matt to the house in the first place because it meant they could focus on every detail and corner. There are about 1,000 square feet covered and another 1,500 square feet of outdoor deck, gardens and pool area — so you’re living both inside and out. the indoor/outdoor living is the couple’s favorite thing about the house. the house was designed by kate to be a little retreat; a place for them to get away from it all, holiday with family and friends, and to reconnect with each other, nature, and escape the modern, fast pace of life. When you have such a beautiful natural landscape surrounding you, you don’t need much space inside!


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• photography by kate holstein.