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i’m delighted to take you inside the brand new san francisco-based home of floral design studio, tulipina. regarded as one of the most sought-after floral designers in the u.s. and beyond, owner kiana underwood recently moved her workspace from her home in nearby burlingame to this light-filled loft in sf’s potrero hill. her signature garden-style combines plenty of color, texture and a medley of floral varieties, including fun pops of fruit and foliage. you can see why her arrangements are coveted for every wedding and event! she further extends her passion through teaching, hosting both local and destination workshops for fellow floral enthusiasts and professionals. in fact, she’s teaching a course in indonesia as we speak.


i’ve seen kiana’s work up close at a number of events and workshops and i’ve admired and loved every installation–from lush tablescapes to hanging chandeliers. the moment she shared a photo of her new studio, i knew I had to pay her a visit.


vintage ladder inside floral design studio, tulipina. / sfgirlbybay


bright and colorful floral design studio, tulipina. / sfgirlbybay


love at first sight the moment i walked in. i mean, those stairs!


tulipina floral arrangements. / sfgirlbybay


tulipina owner kiana underwood. / sfgirlbybay


green and gray armchairs in tulipina design studio. / sfgirlbybay


rainbow stairwell inside tulipina workshop. / sfgirlbybay


vintage homewares & accessories inside tulipina design studio. / sfgirlbybay


her white medicine cabinet of candy colored vessels waiting to be filled.


tulipina owner kiana underwood arranging flowers. / sfgirlbybay


pale pink sofa inside tulipina design studio. / sfgirlbybay


the main floor is her workspace.


tulipina floral arrangement by owner kiana underwood. / sfgirlbybay


light fixture and vessels inside tulipina design studio. / sfgirlbybay


and the loft above, for meetings and gatherings.


lofted meeting area inside tulipina design studio. / sfgirlbybay


owner kiana underwood inside her tulipina design studio. / sfgirlbybay


for some daily floral inspiration check out kiana’s instagram. and for more information about her services, workshops and also prints of her work, visit here.


o all photography by leslie santarina.