home tour with frédéric hooft and eva goethals / sfgirlbybay

have you ever visited coffeeklatch? it’s a wonderful interiors blog sharing fascinating chitchat with all kinds of creatives. i loved this recent home visit with interior, vintage retailer & furniture designer frédéric hooft and graphic designer eva goethals. it’s a 16th century home in belgium, in the old city centre of Ghent, where the creative couple also shares their respective workspaces. the couple were going for an eclectic, simple but stylish vibe and i just love all the little imperfections — walls were replastered, but not painted. Old floors and ceilings were preserved, small rooms were transformed into large rooms. renovated — but minimally to retain the charming vintage character of the home. for the full inspiring tour, have a visit to coffeeklatch.

belgium home tour via coffeeklatch / sfgirlbybay

tour of 16th century belgium home / sfgirlbybay

at home with frédéric hooft + eva goethals / sfgirlbybay

modern home of frédéric hooft & eva goethals / sfgirlbybay

modern lounge chair by frédéric hooft / sfgirlbybay

unique decor inside frédéric hooft + eva goethals' home / sfgirlbybay

inspiring kitchen decor / sfgirlbybay

inspiring modern home furnishings / sfgirlbybay

modern bedroom inside frédéric hooft + eva goethals' home / sfgirlbybay

leather chair inside modern belgium home / sfgirlbybay

leather lounge chair and checkered flooring / sfgirlbybay

• photography courtesy of coffeeklatch.