the good machinery's resin bracelets / sfgirlbybaykim

Kim Keever’s Majestic Underwater Paintings, please meet The good machinery’s asphalt series resin bracelets. i know we were supposed to be taking today off, but i just happened upon these two completely different works of art — each on its own very uniquely beautiful, but they just seemed to be connected somehow and i felt like sharing (note: i may be popping in a lot more like this — unexpectedly from time to time, with less regularly scheduled posts). it’s almost as if italian designer the good machinery’s bracelets exploded and created new york-based artist kim keever’s lovely paintings — or, vice-versa. boom!

 the good machinery's bracelets + kim keever paintings / sfgirlbybay the good machinery's bracelets + kim keever paintings / sfgirlbybaykim keever painting / sfgirlbybay

• photos via Kim Keever and the good machinery.