autumn inspired imagery / sfgirlbybay

images by: @dorisleestudio; @littlegreenshed; @irina_munteanu; @hey_judes.

welcome to the first edition of new paper, volume 1: autumn. autumn is defined as the season between summer and winter and the later part of something’s existence, so as we head into december and inevitably winter, i thought i’d share some thoughts on autumn in this first issue as we say farewell to yet another season — they seem to pass too quickly these days! new paper is an experiment for me, and i’m not sure where it will lead and how it will evolve, but i wanted to share some of my favorite instagrams with you from our first collective hashtag #sfgirlautumn, as well as share a few thoughts, memories, recipes and even songs of what these images evoke for some friends i love and admire — like si from @frenchbydesign who said these images reminded her of lou reed’s Take a walk on the wild side (in fact, we made you a whole playlist just below). if you have any special mementos of autumn you’d like to share with us, please comment below — we’d love to hear what the season means to you.

quote and pumpkin image by bri emery of designlovefest/ sfgirlbybay

image by @picturingjuj; quote contributed kindly from bri, designlovefest.

autumn images for new paper / sfgirlbybay

images by: @over_land_and_sea; and @corikindred.

thanks so much to everyone who contributed their lovely images on instagram — if you’d like to view all the contributions, just visit this link and perhaps you’ll find some inspiring new feeds to follow. this first issue of new paper is going to be a little brief, for no other reason than i honestly got caught up in the thanksgiving holiday and all of a sudden realized we’re moving into winter, so i’d better post this now! autumn for me makes me want to relax and read more, and listen to good mellow music. if you’d like a little listening music, we made you an SFGIRLAUTUMN mix on spotify, so just click the image below to play!


autumn inspired images and playlist for new paper / sfgirlbybay


images by: @brianamorrison; @passion_shake; @microscopetelescope; @wildercalifornia.

quote and fall inspired image from jaime derringer / sfgirlbybay

image by @nicholemeehl; quote contributed by jaime derringer, @designmilk.

Listen. . .


With faint dry sound,


Like steps of passing ghosts,


The leaves, frost-crisp’d, break from the trees


And fall. — Adelaide Crapsey, 1878 – 1915


paris buildings in fall inspired color scheme / sfgirlbybay

image by @janinejoles.

a few of my favorite books / sfgirlbybay

image by passion_shake.

you might like to curl up in a cozy spot and read some of my favorite books: crossing to safety by wallace stegner; the beekeeper’s bible By Richard Jones, and Sharon Sweeney-Lynch; a prayer for owen meany by john irving; my year of meats by ruth l. ozeki; the principles of uncertainty by maira kalman; creative habit by twyla tharp; the razor’s edge by w. somerset Maugham; beautiful ruins by jess walter; the white album by joan didion.

autumn recipes and images for new paper / sfgirlbybay

images by: @spottedsf; @little green shed; @diana_dragne; @hey_judes.

we’ve gathered our favorite fall recipes together in one place for you here on pinterest — all the delicious ideas you need to keep your kitchen smelling great and your bellies feeling full of comforting foods this season (recipes that work well for the winter months, too!).

quote and autumn tree image jan of poppytalk / sfgirlbybay

image by @kristiobscura; quote courtesy of jan from @poppytalk (and you can find the link to lower dens’ song here).

quote and autumn landscape submitted by igor of happy interior blog / sfgirlbybay

image by @katmceachern; quote from igor, @happyinteriorblog.

fall inspired images of fallen leaves and freshly picked mushrooms / sfgirlbybay

images by: @maddyporter; @visualheart.

in closing, in seems like autumn is a time of year when we feel like really slowing down, spending time with family, and getting outside for a walk, or maybe a roadtrip in the car for a long sunday drive — like jenna from @whimsyandspice who said, “This collage reminds me of our recent Fall drive in the Berkshires, particularly our drive up Mt. Greylock. The colors of the photo in the middle right resemble the freshly fallen snow that dusted the trees and grass when we reached the top. The foliage was so beautiful that we had to pull off the side of the road a number of times just to watch the leaves flutter around us. Now that we’re on the cusp of Winter, this already makes me nostalgic for the coziness and vibrancy of Fall.” perfect fall day, indeed. thanks so much for all your heartfelt contributions to new paper, volume 1: autumn. until next time. i’ll be sharing a new collaborative hashtag soon!

— xx, victoria