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there’s nothing worse than bad lighting. it can take you from looking your most beautiful to a frightening Frankenstein moment instantly. But Philips Lighting is introducing a new line of dimmable LED light bulbs that are a complete game changer. I always want to use LED’s for energy efficiency, but i don’t like the weird blue casting they create — so cold and unwelcoming. but Philips sent me their new Philips LEDs with a dimmable warm glow effect to try out and i am sold! even when lily was photographing these images around the house she mentioned how great the light they give off is — and shooting in dim light is challenging!

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the Philips LEDs with a dimmable warm glow effect take lighting to the next level by changing color temperature as they dim. We put my dining room and overhead kitchen light fixtures on dimmer switches to test it out, and voilá — lovely soft and cozy light! Through dimming alone, Philips LED’s move from producing a warm incandescent light effect to a softer sunset light effect, helping you to create the perfect ambiance needed for every room in your home, and for every mood or occasion this fall and beyond — they’re really nice to read by, too. The new Philips line includes five bulbs, offering a lighting solution for any room or fixture, and they provide up to 85% energy savings and last up to 15 years. i will definitely be using the Philips LED’s from here on out — they have really made the light in my house so much more warm and flattering.

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modern living room lighting with Phillips dimmable LED light bulbs / sfgirlbybay

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brass floor lamp with Phillips dimmable LED light bulbs / sfgirlbybay

pierced brass floor lamp with phillips dimmable LED light bulbs / sfgirlbybay

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• photography by lily glass for sfgirlbybay.

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